What’s the difference between Lascaux II and Lascaux IV?

Lascaux IV, Centre International de l’Art Pariétal, is a complete reproduction of the original cave. You’ll discover not only the complete replica, but also an interpretation center where you can learn more about the cave.

Lascaux II, opened in 1983, is the first facsimile of the most spectacular parts of Lascaux, notably the Hall of the Bulls and the Axial Diverticulum, which contain 85% of the cave’s preserved paintings. The facsimile is located 200 meters from the original cave, in a protected area.

Complementary features at Lascaux IV: Follow in the footsteps of the inventors with a more accessible first part of the visit on the history of the discovery – Discover the sanctuary environment of the original cave – Let yourself be enveloped by immersion thanks to flickering flame lighting