Lascaux II


Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Vézère valley in the Dordogne is redolent with prehistoric sites, boasting no fewer than 147 deposits and 25 caves decorated with cave paintings, including the famous Lascaux Cave at Montignac.

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Delve into the Heart of the Cave!

The first facsimile cave in the world, which includes the two most famous galleries: the Hall of the Bulls and the Axial Diverticulum. Located a few hundred meters from the original cave, Lascaux II now welcomes you for a thorough visit.

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In September 1940, a young man named Marcel Ravidat discovered a cavity in a Lascaux hillside and four days later, accompanied by his friends, Jacques Marsal, Georges Agniel and Simon Coencas, he slipped down into a cave where the four teenagers discovered numerous cave paintings and a legend of parietal art was born!

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Take advantage of a visit strictly limited to a maximum of 30 people to fully appreciate the sheer force of Lascaux by situating this masterpiece in Prehistory, the evolution of mankind and the history of tool-making.  Take the time to enjoy the original entrance to the cave before entering its torchlit reproduction and immerse yourself in cave art with an in-depth visit of the Hall of Bulls and the Axial Gallery.

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